animation • illustration

My name is Flávia, I’m a freelance animator and illustrator living in France. 
I’m available to work on site and remote. I can be part of a team or handle an entire project*.

I’m always interested in doing things I’ve never done before but also like to spend hours doing rotos while listening to podcasts. 
In past lives I’ve created and directed a documentary film festival from 2008 to 2019, worked in publishing, in the production of cultural events and did lots of aikido. 
When I’m not glued to my gadgets, I do yoga, play soccer, sing and also work on vegetable culinary experiences to my friends. 

I have a Master degree in Filmmaking at Université Paris 8 
and have completed Animation Bootcamp and Explainer Camp at School of Motion
I work on After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, RoughAnimator, Procreate and a bit on Audition and Animate. 

I’m used to work in French, Portuguese and English. I can also work in Spanish and all this mixed together...

*As I have a production experience, I can coordinate a team or other freelancers. I can also count on FedUP Studio Lab (animation) and Films Norfolk (production) to work along side with me in bigger projects.